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Spring Cleaning for Selling Your Home

Dated: March 24 2023

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It’s about that time! The weather’s getting warmer, and the sun is coming out, so it’s time for spring cleaning. And you may be thinking, “I’m selling my home. Is this even necessary?” Well, the answer is: absolutely. Having a clean and organized space has more of an impact than you realize towards bringing the most value to your home.

If you’re looking to put your home on the market, take the time to tackle these spring cleaning tasks essential for every home seller.


Take Care of the Details

Cleaning goes beyond handling tasks like mopping the floor and wiping the countertops. In fact, there are certain chores you would never think to do when you’re living in your home. However, once you transition into the phase of listing, tackling the details will make your home seem as clean and new as possible:

  • Remove your heating vents and give them a thorough wipe-down. 

  • Scrub around your lighting and outlet plates to remove that forgotten layer of dust and grime.

  • Dust every light fixture and ceiling fan. (This will also help with air quality even if you’re not listing your home for sale.)

  • Scrub the tile grout in your bathroom and even your kitchen backsplash to make it really shine to the naked eye.

  • Clean and disinfect the insides of your oven, microwave, cabinets, refrigerator, etc. You’ll be surprised by how many buyers will look everywhere because they only want the best for their future home.


Rejuvenate Your Windows

You never realize it, but windows can often act as a make or break for a potential offer. Windows let in the natural light, opening up a space and making it seem bigger, brighter, and more inviting. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly clean them, ridding the area of smudges, streaks, and layers of dust that become obvious when light shines through.

Start by scrubbing the pane, both inside and outside. Using a squeegee is your best bet to avoid streaky windows. Next, run drapes and curtains through the wash so that you can remove hidden bunnies or dust stains. Finally, finish this section by wiping down every sill and window trim inside and outside.

As an added bonus, dust your blinds if you have them. If you don’t have a blind cleaner, putting an old sock over your hand will also do the trick.


Make an Impression with Your Entryway

Make a good first impression the right way by beautifying your entryway. In addition to doing any spring cleaning on your home exteriors, such as mowing your lawn or laying down fresh mulch, the entry helps tie everything together.

Clean your door to remove dirt and grass stains, and repaint if you notice your original coat has become a little faded. In addition, try scrubbing your trim and any sidelights or glass inserts if you have them.

On the interior side, make sure you mop your floors, so potential buyers aren’t turned off by muddy and dusty footprints as soon as they enter your home. To ensure your floors stay clean, install a welcome mat in front of your door so visitors can wipe off their shoes and remove any tracking of the outdoor natural elements.


Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

The final and most crucial step is getting rid of possessions you no longer need. Not only will it look more visually pleasing to a buyer’s eye, but it can also help your well-being by removing unnecessary stress and clutter.

Our motto is to get rid of it if you’re not using it! Many donation centers are always looking for more items, which is a great way to help your community. And if some items are past the point of donating, throwing them away is also ok.

Ensure the items you have decided to keep are stored properly. Invest in containers, shelves, and bins, so they’re not lying around. And if your current storage options aren’t making the style cut, our professional stagers will help you find more attractive items to keep your areas clean.


Now is the perfect time to get your home ready to sell. The motivation to clean is higher than ever for many, so take advantage of it by following these tips. Let the Levi Rodgers Real Estate Group help guide you through it. Contact us at (210) 879-8220 or send us a message if you're seeking our help. You can also follow us or message us on Instagram and Facebook!

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  • Posted by Mari Briseno
    My experience with Levi Rodgers Group was great! Jorge Torres made me and my family feel at ease when it came to our home shopping experience. He listened to what we were looking for and provided ample information that we needed. Thank you for taking care of us and our family!.
  • Posted by Trystan Smith
    I want to commend the Levi Rodgers Group, and particularly, agent Jonathan Cheatham. He helped me and my extended family through an extremely stressful process of selling our Austin home during an estate sale. Even though I was out of state and had very little time to help with the transaction, Jonathan listened to our concerns, guided us through the process, and went the extra mile to look out for our best interests. He alleviated a lot of the burden and worry associated with selling a home. He negotiated an all-cash offer, which was significantly above the listing price. I typically do not invest the time to leave reviews, but he deserves the recognition.

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